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Photos of Arnold's training at the original Gold's Gym in Venice, California back in the 1970's at the peak of his career when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the world's number one bodybuilder.  Some of these photographs show the heavy weights that Arnold used for pumping iron back in his bodybuilding days for his now legendary workouts.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has the reputation of being the hardest training bodybuilder that ever lived.  By his own admission, Arnold over trained according to today's knowledge of weightlifting and the human body's ability to recover from hard workouts - Arnold used high volume and high intensity in his workouts.   As a rule - the more intense the workout (heavy sets taken to failure) - the shorter in duration it must be - we now know that today but back in Arnold's heyday the belief was that more is better.  Schwarzenegger often worked out twice a day for as long as 3 hours per session, doing twenty to thirty sets per body part - the average human could never survive anything like that.  While some of us are capable of pushing ourselves through a workout like that maybe for one day only - we would need at least a week to  recover from it and Arnold did this kind of workout six days per week!  Arnold Schwarzenegger's drive and determination to succeed as well as his superhuman recovery ability made him a very unique person in the world of bodybuilding and later the movie industry and business world.  Arnold may very well be the most driven human being who ever lived - making Tony Robbins look like a negative slacker.  As a result of our increased knowledge today of modern training techniques it is doubtful that we will ever see anyone train as hard as Arnold Schwarzenegger once did - these pictures are from an era truly gone by.

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