About Eric's Gym

Serving Peoria, Illinois for 30 Years

Eric's Gym is a private training facility located south of Chicago in everyone's stereotype of middle America - Peoria, Illinois. Midwesterners, especially Peorians, are known for their down to earth attitudes, their critical eye, and also for their sense of humor (this is the hometown of the late comedian Richard Pryor). For decades we have been the national testing market for new products that come out and large corporations know our people very well as we are seen as "the average American".

The old expression is --"If it plays in Peoria, it will play anywhere." We have lasted more than 30 years in the fitness business in a town of very diverse people that are famous for their common sense and "show me results if you want me to believe you" attitude so we know that we must be doing something right.

Eric's Gym has been training people since 1975 as well as providing home gym equipment for thousands of satisfied customers. Only the finest pieces of bodybuilding and weight training equipment make it to our web site from select companies.

Because of our experience in the fitness industry you don't need to worry about purchasing junk equipment that doesn't work very well from our website. We are very picky about what we sell and every piece of equipment that has been posted on our site has been tried and tested to be of high quality and standards.

We have tested many brands and individual pieces of equipment that did not live up to our standards did not make the cut here. Even in top brands sometimes there are certain models that we just don't like; so we refuse to sell them - period.

If you have any questions about us or our products then feel free to send us an email and just ask.


Your email address is NOT given to any third party and is kept strictly confidential with EricsGym.com and is only used to keep you informed of your order status or answer your questions. You will NEVER receive any spam either directly or indirectly as a result of doing business with us.

Your phone number and shipping address are only given to delivery personnel and trucking companies as needed to ensure that your order is safely and promptly delivered to you.

We simply do not believe in promoting email spam, telemarketing phone calls, or postal junk mail of any sort. We recognize that our customers are our livelihood and we would NEVER violate your trust for any reason.

What happens in Eric's Gym stays in Eric's Gym.

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